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A Jump is any activity shared with others.
Join and create Jumps for things you like to do.

Create your Jump

It only takes a second! Give your Jump a title, pick a cover image and choose a privacy setting – public, for anyone to join, or private, by invite-only. Add a line to tell everyone what your Jump is about and you're on your way.

Invite your friends

It's easy to invite people to join your Jump. Select your friends on the app or share a link via text or email. They'll get a preview of your Jump and, when they download the app, they'll be brought right to your Jump.

Have Fun!

Dive right in. The app makes it simple to create and RSVP to events, drop in polls, add sign-up lists, share recommendations and more.

What is your favorite beach?
Surfing Saturday!

Individual feed for your Jump

The moments that matter
An opportunity to do something new
A tool for every group
More than just a like
Integrated with all the popular platforms
Watch YouTube through a new lens
Content you care about
Curated dashboard
The Jump is a better way to stay connected with friends and family. As you join and create Jumps, you'll automatically curate a personal dashboard for all of your activities
Streamlined communication
You can easily tag your friends and customize your notifications. Get the content you want without the distractions

No Ads, Ever

When you explore a Jump, you won't find ads or annoying algorithms. Instead, you'll find your friends and your interests, all organized in a robust, interactive news feed. Like to cook? Create a culinary Jump and swap recipes, exchange tips, schedule meet ups and even share links to all the tools that make your life easier in the kitchen.

Public or Private?

At The Jump, we will never farm out your data just to make a buck. Our privacy is important to us and we imagine you feel the same way. Within your private Jump groups and chats, you can breathe easy exchanging photos, messages and more without prying eyes dropping by.

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