How to use The Jump


First things first, if you haven’t installed The Jump on your device, you’ll need to download the app. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, drop us a line at and we’ll get you taken care of.

Bringing people together

Bringing people together

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Search Jumps

Looking for a group? In the Activity tab, you can search organizations and interests by keyword. Learn more...

Find Friends

It’s easy to connect with your people on The Jump. Search within your current friend list or invite new friends. Learn more...

Add an organization

Creating a profile for a business or organization is simple. Inside your personal profile, select the More option and tap Create Brand Profile. Learn more...

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Creating a Jump

After navigating to the Activity tab, tap the + Create Jump option, located near the top of the screen, to start building your Jump. Learn more.

Personalize your profile

You will be prompted to create a profile when you join The Jump. You can customize your background, profile photo and add a 1-2 line description.

Posting in a Jump

Inside each Jump, you will see the option to add a post at the bottom of your screen. You can add comments, photos, videos, polls and events, to name a few. Learn more.


How do you make money?
We want to work with brands, but not in a traditional advertising sense. Given that $85 billion was wasted last year on digital ads—most of which we ignored—we want to do things differently, connecting people and brands in a way that benefits everyone. Our goal is to create original content and activities, based on the things we enjoy—information so helpful, we actually seek it out.
Do you keep my data?
We don’t care about your data. No offense, we think you’re pretty special, but we created the app to make lives easier, not to stockpile your info.
Will there be ads in the future?
No! We offer a free app without traditional ads and annoying 5-second spot videos. Want specifics? Imagine your favorite MLB team partnering with Dick’s Sporting Goods to create a memorable event that you actually want to check out. We think we can make it a reality.
Who started The Jump?
Did you hear the one about a brand expert, software developer and creative director walking into a bar? Well, it’s not too far off. Check out Our Story
How can I mute a Jump?
Navigate to your Jump dashboard and look for the mic icon in the lower right corner of the Jump cover you want to silence. Tap it once to stop receiving notifications. You can tap it again to start receiving notifications, again. Learn more...
Why do you need my phone number to sign up?
We want to cut down on fake accounts and using phone numbers helps us do that. We use two-step authentication to make sure everyone on the Jump has a pulse.