Community Guidelines

When you use The Jump, we consider you to be part of the family and with that comes a few expectations. (You don’t want Peter to give you that ‘I’m disappointed in you chat,’ do you?) Just like we promise not to violate your trust on the app, we ask that members of The Jump commit to a few things, too. This way, we can ensure that The Jump remains a safe, enjoyable community for all. Violation of these guidelines may lead to account suspension or account termination.

If you come across content on the app that you think is inappropriate, tap the three dots next to the post and select the ‘Flag as inappropriate’ option. Our staff reviews flagged content around the clock and will assess whether it violates our Community Guidelines. You can also drop us a line at

Nudity or sexual content

Even if they are creative or artistic in nature, we don’t allow nudity on The Jump. Same goes for sexually explicit content. Keep it classy and we’ll be good.

Harmful or dangerous content

We do not allow content that rationalizes or encourages self-injury, suicide or reckless behavior. Emboldening eating disorders or substance abuse is also prohibited on The Jump.

Hateful content

Racism, bigotry and hatred have no place on The Jump. While the app is open to free expression, we will not tolerate content that promotes or condones violence against individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Violent or graphic content

Please hold on the guts and gore. We will remove content that glorifies violence and is intended to be shocking or sensational. If you post something that is graphic, yet news-based, give fellow Jump members a heads up about what to expect or your motivation in sharing it.

Harassment and cyberbullying

Be good to each other. We will not tolerate targeted abuse of any members on The Jump. Any reports of stalking, threats, bullying or intimidation can lead to account termination.

Spam and scams

Interacting on The Jump should be meaningful, which is why we don’t tolerate spam. Please refrain from sharing unsolicited commercial messages or posting unwanted, repetitive content.


Don’t post content that you don’t have the right to share.


We know that you’ll never agree with everyone on The Jump and that’s totally fine, but we do ask that everyone engages in respectful conversations. Content that degrades and shames members won’t be tolerated.


Don’t publically post personal information that’s yours or someone else’s for all to see. That includes social security, phone numbers, passwords, financial information, phone numbers and unlisted contact information.


Be yourself. Don’t misrepresent who you are or mislead Jump members by implying that you are a person or entity that you are not. We will remove your account.


We’re here for the community, not to be hit over the head with marketing pitches. If you have a product to sell and want to invite people to learn more in a Jump, you’re welcome to do so, but please don’t inundate people with Talk messages and incessant posts in Jumps.

Illegal Usage

The laws that apply IRL apply on The Jump, too. Don’t use the app for nefarious, illegal activities.