What are Jumps?

Jumps exist to bring communities together and to bring you closer with your friends. They can be based off interests and hobbies (I.E. hiking, interior design) or a group you’re associated with (I.E. soccer league, school).

How do Jumps work?

When you’re first looking at joining a Jump, you’ll land on the Jump cover. You can scroll down and preview details about that Jump such as rules, promoted resources, events, videos and more. From this initial cover page, you can decide whether or not you’d like to join that particular Jump.

If you decide to join, you will unlock that Jump’s full functionality. You will see other community members, a news feed, posts, reactions, comments and more. Anything you say or do inside this Jump will only be viewable to members of this group.

What is the Jump dashboard?

This is an overview of all the Jumps you’re currently a part of. You can find it by selecting the Jumps icon at the bottom of the app screen.