Anytime you’re mentioned in a post, invited to a Jump, receive a Friend request or just have new activity in a Jump you’re following, you’ll find it in the Notification feed. It’s accessed by tapping the bell icon on the bottom of your device.

What are Updates?

Within your Notification feed, the Updates tab will contain any new activity, relating to you, that is happening on the app. You can see when a friend reacts to a post or Story, when someone replies to your comments or even show you updates to conversation threads you’re participating in. Depending on your Jump settings, you could also get posts from Hosts of Jumps that you’re in and even friends’ posts.

What are invites?

Within the Notification feed, the Invite tab will illuminate with a red badge, when you have an unseen invite. (If you view your invitations, but choose not to respond, that badge will change to a gray color and reflect the total unanswered invites you have in your Invite section.)

Expect to find Jump invitations, friend requests and event invites on this tab.

How do I get rid of invites?

You can clear out your invite tab by responding to requests. Choose to join or decline a Jump request, accept or decline a Friend request and view or ignore an event invite. Members will not be notified, if you choose to decline or ignore their request.

How do I mark notifications as read?

Inside your Notification feed, look for the circle checkmark, in the top-right corner, to mark all Notifications as read. This will remove any blue highlights that appear on unseen messages.

How do notification settings work?

Access your Notification Settings two ways—1. By selecting the toggle switch icon in the top-right corner of your Notification feed. 2. By tapping the three dots next to a Notification Feed post and selecting the “Adjust My Notification Feed” option.

Once inside the Notification Settings section, you have the option to customize your Jump Notifications and adjust your Muted Members.

How do I mute a member?

In the Notification Feed, tap the three dots next to the person’s post and select “Restrict Notifications From This Person.” This will allow you to reduce the amount of Stories and posts that you see from that member. You can even customize which Jumps you receive their notifications from and which ones you do not.

Can I get to my Jumps through Notifications?

Absolutely! Tap on any notification for the Jump you want to access, next select the “Go to Jump” option in the top-right corner.