What are Stories?

They’re a glimpse into your real everyday life. They can be photos or videos and they’re only live for 24 hours before they disappear, so there’s no need to stress over creating flawless posts. Use them to let people know what’s going in your world.

Why do they disappear?

Thanks to social media, there’s a lot pressure to be perfect and we’re just not into it. Because Stories disappear, there’s no reason to spend time airbrushing or agonizing over styled images. Post to give people a glimpse of your real day-to-day—it’s fun and laid back.

Who can see them?

You’re in control. Before you post your Story, you have the option to share with all of your friends or just specific people. You can also create custom groups—like family, teammates, you name it—so your Story will only show for the circle of friends that you want.