Sharing a Story

When I share a Story, where does it appear?

There are a few places a Story you post will appear:

Jump Activity feed: If you choose to share a Story with your friends, your story will appear in the Stories section of the Activity tab. It will only be visible to your friends on The Jump.

Profile: When you have an active Story, a blue ring will appear around your Profile picture. Tap once to pull up your current story. As always, Stories are only visible to friends.

Talk messages: If you choose to share a Story with a specific group, it will launch a private Talk message with that group of people. They will only be able to see your Story inside the Talk message. It will not appear on their Jump Activity feed.

How can I tell who’s seen my Story?

Only you can see who’s viewed your Story. In the Jump Activity tab, tap on your profile photo to pull up your current Story. In the bottom left corner will be an eye icon, tap once to see a list of friends that have viewed your Story.

In Stories, what are groups?

They’re a quick way to easily share content with a specific group of people. Creating one makes it easy to share with that same group of people in the future.

In Stories, how do I create a new group?

Creating groups are a great way to quickly and easily share content with a specific mix of people. To create a group: Upload a Story and when you get to the screen that says Share Story, look for the + New Group button. Tap it, give your group a name (optional) and then select which friends from your list you want in the group. Tap next and your Story will be sent to that group. If you want to share a Story to this group again, you can search the group name in the search bar.