This is the page where we talk in first person

Because we are humans, too*

*these aren't actual pictures of us, but you get the idea

Social media Sucks

Literally. The current social media model is designed to suck-up your time and attention. We think there’s a better way! We like to be connected, we like to see what others are doing and we like to share our experiences with other people. It's natural. It's who we are. That's why we stripped out all the junk and created a more authentic place to connect with friends*

*AKA, The Jump.
But you knew that already because you've been on our site for at least 2 minutes now, but hopefully 3.

Life comparisons aren't for you.

And all those interests and things we see others doing, but we're not doing ourselves? We want YOU to be able to do those things! We don't want you sitting on the sidelines, we want you in the action. From day one, our goal has always been to help others pursue those passions. You see someone else bungee jumping? Then let's get you plugged in somewhere to do it. Parasailing? Let's make it happen. Make online meet your offline.

Time is of the essence!

Traditional social media was designed to consume as much of your time and attention as possible. That's not us. We want The Jump to complement your real life. Would we like you to use the app? Duh. Of course. But use it sparingly and make your time well spent! And if you're spending time on our app, then we will work our butts off to earn it!

We don’t like ads

(and $85 billion is too much to spend on them)

The majority of time, ads are interrupting the things we care about. They've cluttered our feeds, they're every 15 seconds in our videos (we're exaggerating), but they're everywhere! And guess what? Statistically, they're not making as much of an impact. We're scrolling past the ads or blocking them and generally speaking they're not all that effective. Crazy, right? Especially considering we drop $85 billion on digital ads every year. So, we propose a new idea!

Ad dollars =
cool stuff you'll love

We want to take a portion, just a tiny, tiny piece of digital advertising and funnel it into content you care about. What's that look like? Picture this: The Jump hooks up with LEGO or Red Bull (because they're already doing crazy things). Let's say they have $4 million for a partnership. We take that $4 million, we create a small movie, or a 4-8 episode tv series, or maybe we partner with several influencers to help them do something they're interested in, or possibly we throw on an event for The Jump users! There are endless opportunities to create content that you care about. And it's all completely free to you.

Let's be better