Creating a Jump

How do I create a Jump?

Tap the Jumps icon at the bottom of the app screen. On the Jump dashboard, tap the + Create Jump button in the top right corner.

Name your Jump, select a cover photo from your camera roll or search the free Unsplash stock photo library. Tap Done, when you find one you like. You can pinch the image to move and scale your selection. When you’re done, tap Choose.

Next, double click the text to edit and style. You can adjust the lightness, saturation, opacity and colors using the slider bars below. You can also adjust the fonts by sliding your finger along the bottom and trying out different font styles until you find one you like. To change the size of the font, use your fingers to pinch or expand the text box. Double click on the text box to edit the actual text.

If you would like to add additional elements to your cover, you can find art options at the bottom, as well as the option to add additional text. When your cover looks like you want it, tap Preview and Save to launch your Jump.

In the final stage, you will choose your privacy setting (public or private), have the ability to edit your Jump title and add additional details. (Tap the Edit Text option to add information to any of the fields.) If you would like to add more relevant Jump detail, you can do so in the Add Details and Resources section. Tap the + icon to make adjustments to any of the items.

Once you’re done, tap Publish My Jump to launch your Jump. This will give you the option to Invite Friends (on or off the app) to join or you can skip this step and come back later.