How do I see a list of Members in a Jump?

Scroll to the top of any Jump you’re a member of and you will see the number of members that are participating in that Jump. Tap that text to bring up a list of all the members. From that screen, you will also have the ability to invite new friends to that Jump.

How do I add Members to a Jump?

At the top of each Jump, look for the two vertical dots on the far right side of the tabs. Tap it once and select the option to Invite Friends. You can invite friends on the app by tapping the circle next to their name or invite friends that are not on the app by tapping the Share Link button and selecting the email or text icons.

How do I block a Member?

To block a member of a Jump, scroll to the top of the Jump and select the text that shows the number of members in the group. Tap once to bring up a complete list of members of that Jump and tap the name of the member you would like to block. Once the person’s profile populates, select the More icon and select Block.