Creating a Story

How do I create a Story?

Go to your Activity tab and look for the + Add to Story option.

From there, you have the choice to select an existing photo or video from your library or capture a new photo or video. Use the camera flip option to take a selfie.

After selecting your photo, you have the ability to Move and Scale your photo, before continuing to the Editor, where you’ll be able to add personality to your photo or video.

Filter: Swipe to navigate through a range of image styles. Tap the checkmark to lock in your selection.

Text Design: Write a phrase, choose a color and tap the checkmark to customize your Text Design. Scroll through the text design styles to find the right one for you. Tip: Look for the blue rotating arrow in the Text Design panel, which allows you to cycle through variations on a given text design. Select the checkmark to proceed.

Stickers: Add emojis, shapes, swashes, icons and border designs in the Sticker section.

Text: If you would prefer more traditional text design, use the Text option to add content to your image. Once you’ve submitted text, you’ll have the option to choose a font, font color, background color, alignment and more.

These are just a handful of the fun editing tools you have to choose from, play around with all of them to see what works for you!

Once you have your image the way you like, tap the up arrow and select whether you would like to share your post with everyone or create a specific group.