Marketing on The Jump

The Invitational Marketing Model

At The Jump, we highly value authentic relationships and community. We believe that each person deserves an experience free from traditional digital advertising, which mines their data and then forces them to view content that they never asked to see. There’s nothing sincere in that approach.

We’re raising the standard for marketing and advertising. Businesses cannot continue to interrupt people with ads based on antiquated practices that require breaching personal privacy. Rather they should be inviting users to join a community where they are adding value through their expertise, videos, information and experiences.

Partnering with The Jump is an opportunity to invite people to engage with your brand. Our goal is to enable you to connect with current and potential customers. In order to do that, we’ll work with brand and agency partners to create content, videos, and events that members on our platform will actually want to see.

We don’t engage in data mining and we don’t force users to view ads according to traditional social media practices. Instead, we work with you to create material that invites our membership to engage with your brand and its products and services. If the community we create around your business is engaging and valuable, people with share it with others and seek it out on their own. There’s no reason to force people to view ads based on unscrupulous data gathering techniques.

Marketing Features

Where You Can Market

Companies on The Jump can promote their products in two ways. First, you can easily create a company profile and a jump community that showcases your products. Individuals can search for and subscribe to these jumps on their own. While this option is free, people won’t know that your community exists unless you tell them.

If you want your content to reach more people, companies have a second option; partner with us to feature your material on The Jump. In this scenario, every member of The Jump will have the opportunity to see your community within our Featured Content. Companies must meet important criteria to qualify for this level of direct access. The Jump also creates opportunities for complementary businesses to develop material to promote their products and services.

How You Know That You’re Doing a Good Job

Metrics for digital advertisement are fundamentally flawed. Web traffic, time on site, social media followers and impressions are all vanity metrics easily and frequently manipulated by automated scripts. Qualified leads, downloads and conversion rates can also be inflated leading to inaccurate acquisition costs and ROI calculations.

Direct engagement with real people is the most powerful and effective way to create value for others and your business. The Jump provides authentic opportunities for companies to engage with their prospective or current customers; giving you the ability to measure the success of your investment in specific ways including number of engaged users, type of engagement, frequency of engagement, specific product feedback and more.

How You Can Obtain Featured Space On The Jump

If you want to engage in a more authentic and effective relationship with your target audience, you’ll need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Build a Jump Account for Your Organization

Start creating jumps to connect with fans and potential customers. Ensure you becomes friends with as many users as possible so that you can invite them to engage in your jumps.

Step 2: Email

Before you can obtain featured space on our app, you have to meet our criteria and bring value to our members. After you contact us, we’ll talk about pricing for partnership opportunities, create a detailed engagement, define the next steps and payment details.

Step 3: Work With The Jump To Build Quality Content

If you’re going to market on The Jump, you have to work with our team to create content that we know our users will value. You’ll have an initial consultation with our brand strategy team and then we’ll develop a detailed scope-of-work with you to ensure that we produce high quality content. This stringent process is designed to ensure that our members have access to only the best content that brings value to their lives.